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If you’re familiar with AutoCAD 2019, you know that importing markup can be cumbersome. With the free AutoCAD 2023 update, you can now import standard, plotter, and PDF-based markup directly into your drawings, including insertions, deletions, and changes to existing annotations.You no longer have to redraw the entire sheet to incorporate your feedback. Just bring over the markup to your drawing, make the changes you want, and click the Markup button on the flyout. No matter what the type of marker is, you can quickly insert or delete it and use its precise features.With the Markup Assist command, you can take even greater advantage of the markup features that are included in the standard license. The Markup Assist tool makes a new feature even easier to use. The command is accessible from the Drawing menu, and lets you quickly create new annotations or modify an existing annotation without performing additional drawing steps.Enhanced graphics and 2D graphics in AutoCADEasily switch between drafting and painting modes, and preview your 2D graphics and 3D graphics in detail. You can now create graphics that are perfect for your output, whether they’re represented by single- or multi-layer shapes.Using the new Graphics section on the Graphics tab, you can choose any of the 18 texture functions available, including the standard solids, patterns, and gradients. With 2D graphics, you can use the standard options for drawing a line, filling a shape, or selecting a point, as well as the Blend function. Or, you can use a paintbrush-like tool to cover the entire surface of the drawing with a single stroke.You can preview your 2D graphics and 3D graphics in both Vector and Raster view. And, with the graphics feature available for each drawing mode, you can see your 2D graphics or 3D graphics in rich detail.Graphics Preview (Vector):The Enhanced Graphics panel is available in Vector, Raster, and PDF formats. The panel is accessible from the Drawing tab.To use the panel, choose View > Enhanced Graphics.You can drag a graphic object to the panel to preview it in rich detail, or open it from the panel window. The panels in the graphics window can be resized, which helps you identify the objects you want to edit.Graphics Preview (PDF):The Enhanced Graphics panel 2be273e24d


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